Sharing my Korean school lunches with the world!

School Lunches in Korea

School Lunches in Korea

My Korean school lunch! Clockwise from bottom right: fish cake soup with udon noodles (어묵우동), white rice mixed with barley (보리밥), gold kiwifruit (골드키위), seasoned spinach (시금치무침), hamburger steak (함박스테이크), and cabbage kimchi (배추김치).

Fish cake soup with udon noodles
  • English: Fish cake soup with udon noodles
    Korean: 어묵우동
    Romanized: Eomuk-udong

White rice mixed with barley
  • English: White rice mixed with barley
    Korean: 보리밥
    Romanized: Boribap

Gold kiwifruit
  • English: Gold kiwifruit
    Korean: 골드키위
    Romanized: Goldeu-kiwi

Seasoned spinach
  • English: Seasoned spinach
    Korean: 시금치무침
    Romanized: Sigeumchi-muchim

Hamburger steak
  • English: Hamburger steak 
    Korean: 함박스테이크
    Romanized: Hambakseuteikeu

Cabbage kimchi
  • English: Cabbage kimchi
    Korean: 배추김치
    Romanized: Baechu-kimchi


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