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Lunch in South Korean School

Lunch in South Korean School

My Korean school lunch: winter-grown cabbage soybean paste soup (얼갈이배추된장국), kimchi fried rice (김치볶음밥), stir-fried shiitake (생표고버섯볶음), seafood vegetable pancakes (해물야채전), cubed radish kimchi (깍두기), and strawberry banana milk (딸바라떼).

Korean school lunch

Winter-grown cabbage soybean paste soup
  • English: Winter-grown cabbage soybean paste soup
    Korean: 얼갈이배추된장국
    Romanized: Eolgari-baechu-doenjangguk
    • Basic ingredients: winter-grown cabbage, green onion, and anchovy soup stock. 
    • Seasoning: soybean paste, garlic, and perilla oil. 

Kimchi fried rice
  • English: Kimchi fried rice
    Korean: 김치볶음밥
    Romanized: Kimchi-bokkeumbap
    • Basic ingredients: kimchi, rice, green onion, olive oil, and soy sauce. 

Stir-fried shiitake
  • English: Stir-fried shiitake
    Korean: 생표고버섯볶음
    Romanized: Saengpyo-beoseot-bokkeum
    • Basic ingredients: shiitake mushroom, carrot, green onion, onion, and sesame seeds. 

Seafood vegetable pancake
  • English: Seafood vegetable pancake
    Korean: 해물야채전
    Romanized: Haemul-yachae-jeon
    • Basic ingredients: squid, carrot, onion, Korean pancake mix, shrimp powder, chives, and egg.

Cubed radish kimchi
    • English: Cubed radish kimchi
      Korean: 깍두기
      Romanized: Kkakdugi
      • Basic ingredients: radish and sea salt.
      • Seasoning: chili powder, plum syrup, chives, onion, ginger, garlic, salted shrimp, garlic, fermented anchovy sauce, and apple.

Strawberry smoothie
  • English: Strawberry banana milk
    Korean: 딸바라떼
    Romanized: Ddal-ba-laddae


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