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School Lunch in Korea

school lunch in korea

My Korean school lunch! Clockwise from bottom right: egg drop soup with chives (부추계란국), fried rice with beef and vegetables (소고기채소볶음밥), seasoned Chinese cabbage (호배추무침), oven-baked chicken leg (닭다리오븐구이), chocolate-dipped banana bread (초코바나나빵), and ponytail radish kimchi (총각김치).

Egg drop soup with chives
  • English: Egg drop soup with chives
    Korean: 부추계란국
    Romanized: Buchu-gyeranguk

Fried rice with beef and vegetables
  • English: Fried rice with beef and vegetables
    Korean: 소고기채소볶음밥
    Romanized: Sogogi-chaeso-bokkeumbap

Seasoned Chinese cabbage
  • English: Seasoned Chinese cabbage
    Korean: 호배추무침
    Romanized: Hobaechu-muchim

Oven-baked chicken leg
  • English: Oven-baked chicken leg
    Korean: 닭다리오븐구이
    Romanized: Dakdari-obeungui

Chocolate-dipped banana bread
  • English: Chocolate-dipped banana bread
    Korean: 초코바나나빵
    Romanized: Choko-banana-bbang

Ponytail radish kimchi
  • English: Ponytail radish kimchi
    Korean: 총각김치
    Romanized: Chonggak-kimchi


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