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Korea School Lunches

My Korean school lunch! Clockwise from bottom right: Korean noodle soup (잔치국수), white rice mixed with sprouted brown rice (발아현미밥), fresh cabbage kimchi (배추겉절이), Korean kimchi-stuffed buckwheat crepe (메밀김치전병), gold kiwifruit (골드키위), and braised pork ribs (돼지갈비찜).

Korean noodle soup
  • English: Korean noodle soup
    Korean: 잔치국수
    Romanized: Janchi-guksu

White rice mixed with sprouted brown rice
  • English: White rice mixed with sprouted brown rice
    Korean: 발아현미밥
    Romanized: Bara-hyeonmibap

Fresh cabbage kimchi
  • English: Fresh cabbage kimchi
    Korean: 배추겉절이
    Romanized: Baechu-geotjeori

Korean kimchi-stuffed buckwheat crepes
  • English: Korean kimchi-stuffed buckwheat crepe
    Korean: 메밀김치전병
    Romanized: Memil-kimchi-jeonbyeong

Gold kiwifruit
  • English: Gold kiwifruit
    Korean: 골드키위
    Romanized: Goldeu-kiwi

Braised pork ribs
  • English: Braised pork ribs
    Korean: 돼지갈비찜
    Romanized: Dwaeji-galbi-jjim


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