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Korean School Lunch in Korea

Korean School Lunch in Korea

My Korean school lunch: pork backbone stew (돼지등뼈감자탕), sticky barley rice (찰보리밥), cubed radish kimchi (깍두기), rolled cheese omelet (달걀치즈말이), seasoned bellflower root (도라지무침), and pineapple (파인애플).

Korean school lunch

Pork back-bone stew
    • English: Pork backbone stew
      Korean: 돼지등뼈감자탕
      Romanized: Dwaeji-deungbbyeo-gamjatang
      • Basic ingredients: cabbage leaf, pork back-bone, green onion, potato, perilla powder, onion, soybean paste, kelp, red date, garlic, bay leaf, ginger, salt, and chili powder.

Sticky barley rice
  • English: Sticky barley rice
    Korean: 찰보리밥
    Romanized: Chal-boribap

Cubed radish kimchi
    • English: Cubed radish kimchi
      Korean: 깍두기
      Romanized: Kkakdugi
      • Basic ingredients: radish and sea salt.
      • Seasoning: chili powder, plum syrup, chives, onion, ginger, garlic, salted shrimp, garlic, fermented anchovy sauce, and apple.

Rolled cheese omelet
    • English: Rolled omelet
      Korean: 달걀말이
      Romanized: Dalgyal-mari
      • Basic ingredients: egg, carrot, chives, cheese, salt, and cooking oil.

Seasoned bellflower root
  • English: Seasoned bellflower root
    Korean: 도라지무침
    Romanized: Doraji-muchim
    • Basic ingredients: bellflower root, salt, and rice water.
    • Seasoning: red chili paste, chili powder, garlic, sugar, Oligo syrup, vinegar, and sesame seeds.

  • English: Pineapple
    Korean: 파인애플
    Romanized: Painaepeul


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