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Korean Middle School Lunch

Korean Middle School Lunch

My Korean school lunch: rice cake soup (조랭이떡국), sticky brown rice (찰현미밥), steamed shrimp and eggs (새우계란찜), cabbage kimchi (배추김치), tricolored herbs (삼색나물), and strawberries (딸기).

Korean School Lunch

Rice cake soup
  • English: Rice cake soup
    Korean: 조랭이떡국
    Romanized: Joraengi-tteokguk
    • Basic ingredients: rice cake and anchovy kelp stock
    • Seasoning: soy sauce, garlic, green onion, salt, black pepper, and egg.

Sticky brown rice
  • English: Sticky brown rice
    Korean: 찰현미밥
    Romanized: Chal-hyeonmibap

Steamed shrimp and eggs
  • English: Steamed shrimp and eggs
    Korean: 새우계란찜
    Romanized: Saeu-gyeranjjim
    • Basic ingredients: tofu, egg, onion, shrimp, water, and green onion.

Cabbage kimchi
    • English: Cabbage kimchi
      Korean: 배추김치
      Romanized: Baechu-kimchi
    • Basic ingredients: napa cabbage, chives, green onion, radish, and salt.
    • Seasoning: anchovy fish sauce, shrimp, chili powder, sugar, garlic, and plum extract.

Tricolored herbs
  • English: Tricolored herbs
    Korean: 삼색나물
    Romanized: Samsaek-namul
    • Basic ingredients: spinach, red pepper, salt, sesame salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, green onion, garlic, bellflower, bracken, cooking oil, perilla powder, sesame seeds, and soy sauce.

  • English: Strawberry
    Korean: 딸기
    Romanized: Ddalgi


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