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South Korean School Lunch

South Korean School Lunch

My Korean school lunch: kimchi fish cake soup (김치어묵국), sticky barley rice (보리찹쌀밥), boiled pork (수육), cubed radish kimchi (깍두기), seasoned cucumber chili (오이고추무침), and Korean melon (참외).

Korean school lunch

Kimchi fish cake soup
  • English: Kimchi fish cake soup
    Korean: 김치어묵국
    Romanized: Kimchi-eomukguk
    • Basic ingredients: fish cake, kimchi, anchovy stock, green onion, soy sauce, and salt.

Sticky barley rice
  • English: Sticky barley rice
    Korean: 보리찹쌀밥
    Romanized: Bori-chapssalbap

Boiled pork
  • English: Boiled pork
    Korean: 수육
    Romanized: Suyuk

Cubed radish kimchi
    • English: Cubed radish kimchi
      Korean: 깍두기
      Romanized: Kkakdugi
      • Basic ingredients: radish and sea salt.
      • Seasoning: chili powder, plum syrup, chives, onion, ginger, garlic, salted shrimp, garlic, fermented anchovy sauce, and apple.

Seasoned cucumber chili
  • English: Seasoned cucumber chili
    Korean: 오이고추무침
    Romanized: Oigochu-muchim
    • Basic ingredients: cucumber chili
    • Seasoning: chili powder, garlic, sesame oil, soybean paste, sugar, and sesame seeds.

Korean melon
  • English: Korean melon
    Korean: 참외
    Romanized: Chamwhey


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