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Shrimp and Chive Dumpling Soup and Various Side Dishes - My Korean School Lunch


My Korean school lunch! Clockwise from bottom right: shrimp and chive dumpling soup (새우부추만두국), white rice mixed with brown and black rice (흑쌀현미밥), mapo tofu (마파두부), Korean melon (참외), seasoned spinach (시금치무침), and white kimchi (백김치).

Shrimp and chive dumpling soup
  • English: Shrimp and chive dumpling soup
    Korean: 새우부추만두국
    Romanized: Saeu-buchu-mandu-guk

White rice mixed with brown and black rice
  • English: White rice mixed with brown and black rice
    Korean: 흑쌀현미밥
    Romanized: Heuk-ssal-hyeonmi-bap

Mapo tofu
  • English: Mapo tofu
    Korean: 마파두부
    Romanized: Mapa-dubu

Korean melon
  • English: Korean melon
    Korean: 참외
    Romanized: Chamwhey

Seasoned spinach
  • English: Seasoned spinach
    Korean: 시금치무침
    Romanized: Sigeumchi-muchim

White kimchi
  • English: White kimchi
    Korean: 백김치
    Romanized: Baek-kimchi


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