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My Korean School Lunch - Hand-Torn Noodle Soup with Octopus and Various Side Dishes

My Korean school lunch! Starting from the bottom right: hand-torn noodle soup with octopus (낙지수제비국), barley rice (보리밥), spicy braised pork ribs (매운돼지갈비찜), sweet Korean pancake stuffed with sesame seeds (씨앗호떡), cabbage kimchi (배추김치), and a vegetable salad (야채샐러드).

Hand-torn noodle soup with octopus
  • English: Hand-torn noodle soup with octopus
    Korean: 낙지수제비국
    Romanized: Nakji-sujebiguk

Barley rice
  • English: Barley rice
    Korean: 보리밥
    Romanized: Bori-bap

Spicy braised pork ribs
  • English: Spicy braised pork ribs
    Korean: 매운돼지갈비찜
    Romanized: Maeun-dwaeji-galbi-jjim

Sweet Korean pancake stuffed with sesame seeds
  • English: Sweet Korean pancake stuffed with sesame seeds
    Korean: 씨앗호떡
    Romanized: Ssiat-hotteok

Cabbage kimchi
  • English: Cabbage kimchi
    Korean: 배추김치
    Romanized: Baechu-kimchi

Vegetable salad
  • English: Vegetable salad
    Korean: 야채샐러드
    Romanized: Yachae-saelleodeu


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