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Oven-Baked Teriyaki Chicken Leg and Various Side Dishes - My Korean Elementary School Lunch


My Korean school lunch! Clockwise from bottom right: Korean knife-cut noodle soup (칼국수), barley mixed with white rice (보리밥), Korean seasoned chives with king oyster mushrooms (새송이버섯부추무침), oven-baked teriyaki chicken leg (데리야끼닭다리오븐구이), honeydew melon (허니듀멜론), and cabbage kimchi (배추김치).

Korean knife-cut noodle soup
  • English: Korean knife-cut noodle soup
    Korean: 칼국수
    Romanized: Kalguksu

Barley mixed with white rice
  • English: Barley mixed with white rice
    Korean: 보리밥
    Romanized: Boribap

Korean seasoned chives with king oyster mushrooms
  • English: Korean seasoned chives with king oyster mushrooms
    Korean: 새송이버섯부추무침
    Romanized: Saesongi-beoseot-buchu-muchim

Oven-baked teriyaki chicken leg
  • English: Oven-baked teriyaki chicken leg
    Korean: 데리야끼닭다리오븐구이
    Romanized: Deriyakki-dakdari-obeungui

Honeydew melon
  • English: Honeydew melon
    Korean: 허니듀멜론
    Romanized: Heonidyu-mellon

Cabbage kimchi
  • English: Cabbage kimchi
    Korean: 배추김치
    Romanized: Baechu-kimchi


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