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My Korean School Lunch - Korean Sausage Stew and Various Side Dishes


Korean school lunches

My Korean school lunch! Starting from the bottom right: roasted seaweed (김구이), Korean sausage stew (부대찌개), turmeric rice (강황밥), oven-grilled Spanish mackerel (삼치살오븐구이), seasoned winter-grown cabbage with soybean paste (얼갈이배추된장무침), cubed radish kimchi (깍두기), and pineapple (파인애플).

Roasted seaweed
  • English: Roasted seaweed
    Korean: 김구이
    Romanized: Gimgui

Korean sausage stew
  • English: Korean sausage stew
    Korean: 부대찌개
    Romanized: Budae-jjigae

Tumeric rice
  • English: Tumeric rice
    Korean: 강황밥
    Romanized: Ganghwangbap

Oven grilled Spanish mackerel
  • English: Oven-grilled Spanish mackerel
    Korean: 삼치살오븐구이
    Romanized: Samchisal-obeungui

Seasoned winter-grown cabbage with soybean paste
  • English: Seasoned winter-grown cabbage with soybean paste
    Korean: 얼갈이배추된장무침
    Romanized: Eolgari-baechu-doenjang-muchim

Cubed radish kimchi
  • English: Cubed radish kimchi
    Korean: 깍두기
    Romanized: Kkakdugi

  • English: Pineapple
    Korean: 파인애플
    Romanized: Painaepeul


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